Friday, November 14, 2008

EVAlUaTioN TeXt BoOk fOrM 2

Writer: Teh Eng Kiat, Ooi Soo Huat, Khoo Cheng, Lee Chia Chien,
Chow Chin Mun and Cheong Quai Lan.

Editor: Annie Lim Siew Yueh.


From my observation, this text book provides a useful table of content and at the back of this text book it provides answers, glossary, references and index as guidance for the students when they find difficulties about certain word or meaning of the topic. Firstly, the table of contents shows a logical arrangement and development of the subject, whereby in the table of contents the writers had organized the topic appropriately according the syllabus and they had put the number of pages accordingly. It is easy to understand and easy to be used as reference.

In addition, this text book is also uniformed in its appearance and content layout as well as within each chapter. This is because each page has shown the same layout and image, except for introduction and the summary of each topic where other layout and image being used. The writers had provided a short and brief introduction at the beginning of each chapter. Furthermore, the writers also had provided list of learning objectives of the chapter to enrich the content of this book and making it more appealing to the students. Moreover, this text book also contain summary of learning outcomes for each topic. At the end of this text book it also mentions where the reference of these contents used and it is useful to the students as their guidance.

In a word, this textbook had been properly organized and it helps the students due to the well presentation and organization of the book. With this characteristic, it will help the students to understand and learn more.


Overall, the contents of the book are accurate and up-to date. This is due to the change in policy by the Ministry of Education since 2004, all the text books in Mathematics and Science have to change from Malay to English. Hence the writers of this book had included keywords of mathematical terms. This list of mathematics terms will help the beginner students to understand new terms that being used in mathematics field. Furthermore, the level of language being used in the book is suitable for secondary school students. The language is clear, easy and straight-forward so that the students will not face any difficulties in understanding the chapters in the book. It helps the students to understand the examples, tips and mathematics story in each chapter due to the standard of English being used in the book. Thus, the text book is using the appropriate reading level that is suitable for form two students.

Besides that, this text book contains questions of subtopic, checklist to check the skills that students should have mastered, and also provides additional practice related to the chapter at the end of each lesson. Hence, all of the activities will engage students in active learning and they are appealing to a wide range of abilities and interest. The extension activities make a role to encourage higher level thinking for the students to challenge their understanding of the lessons. Therefore as long as the language and syllabus not being changed, this text book could be used for several years because it provides many beneficial information and knowledge to all students and teachers.

Physical Aspects

In term of physical aspects, from my observation, the size and weight of this text book are appropriate for students who will use it. This is because this text book is being divided into two parts which are volume 1 and 2 and each book is thin enough for the students. This text book also had appropriate font size which the publisher had used font size 11 (Times New Roman) and it also has appropriate style with interesting decoration of each pages with interesting picture. Moreover, this text book had being binding nicely, the pages are all numbered and the front and back cover are interesting with the colorful graphic and it is durable. However, this text book using more word then picture and graphic, where some students need more graphical explanation to make them understand and imagine what is the lesson is all about. Furthermore, the answers at the back are too simple because the answers are too short compared to the evaluation of example which is very clear and show step-by-step calculation.

All in all, this text book is very useful for the secondary school students mainly form as it is well organized, has good contents and has a preferable physical aspect applicable for the form two students.